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"The Engineering Council is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession. It holds the national registers of 235,000 Engineering Technicians (EngTech), Incorporated Engineers (IEng), Chartered Engineers (CEng) and Information and Communications Technology Technicians (ICTTech).

In addition, the Engineering Council sets and maintains the internationally recognised standards of professional competence and ethics that govern the award and retention of these titles. This ensures that employers, government and wider society - both in the UK and overseas - can have confidence in the knowledge, experience and commitment of professionally registered engineers and technicians."

Source: The Engineering Council Website - www.engc.org.uk


The committee of the PCEUAE are all members of the Engineering Council and are Chartered Engineers. Together, with our local Advisors we guide engineering personnel  to fulfilling the requirements for qualification to one of the engineering categories of the EngC: EngTech, IEng, CEng and ICTTech.

PCEUAE is dedicated to the promotion of engineering excellence in accordance with the requirements of the Engineering Council and the Professional Engineering Institutions (PEI's). 

Engineers are encouraged to join a PEI relevant to their discipline and/or field of business so that they may become professionally registered. The link below lists all 36 Profesional Engineering Institutions, which is available on the Engineering Council website.

Also linked is the page listing the Professional Affiliates.


Professional Affiliates