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About Professional Review Preparation

Professional Review Preparation is the most important activity PCEUAE engages in. It encourages young engineers to develop their skills and craft to enable them to gain membership of professional engineering institutions and follow this to become chartered engineers. A program has been developed to explain the attributes and competencies required to achieve this.

Two meetings of PCE-UAE are held on the third Tuesday in Abu Dhabi and the last Tuesday of every month in Dubai for the purpose of assisting prospective members and current members of the UK professional engineering institutions in the UAE. who are aspiring to become members of the institutions, chartered engineers or incorporated engineers. The venues are MWH Global, Reem Island in Abu Dhabi and the American University of Dubai, nearby Dubai Marina.

The programme for these Professional Review Preparation meetings follows the UK Spec with the general intention of covering all the UK Spec topics over a one year period. Training videos are shown at some sessions covering topics such as time management, delegation, leadership, presentations, safety and quality control.  Other engineering topics may also be introduced and discussed by popular demand.

Chartered Engineers and Specialist Advisors also attend the PRP meetings to contribute from their experiences and respond to questions posed by those seeking to become members of institutions, chartered or incorporated engineers.


How to reach to Abu Dhabi Location

 (MWH- Reem Island)

Options to park your car 

Option 1: 

MWH Tamouh tower, parking lot


Or Coordinates : 


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Option 2:

Geant Supermarket Underground parking (Paragon Bay Mall)

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Or Coordinates

lat=24.491169 &lon=54.393643

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PRP Sessions

We are conducting two PRP sessions per month, one in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai.


In Abu Dhabi
3rd Tuesday of every month
@ MWH -Al-Reem Island
7 PM
Register Here

In Dubai
last Tuesday of every month
@ AUD- Shaikh Zayed road
7 PM
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